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Roger Brown - Cleveland Plain Dealer - October 24, 2005

Shouldn't a dress code be mandated for Bob Golic, WOIO Channel 19's Browns analyst?

Golic can be insightful, but he often looks like he'd slept in his clothes, wrestled with his dogs and then played in a flag football game before going on camera.

Slept in my clothes? Wrestled with my dogs? Played flag football? Great! That's just the look I was going for!

Roger Brown - Cleveland Plain Dealer - August 22, 2005

As for Golic, switched to co-analyst duties, he clearly sounded like a liberated man on the Browns-Lions telecast. The former Browns defensive lineman mingled well with co-analyst Brian Brennan and guest contributor Paul Warfield and offered some decent, good-humored insights.

Thanks Rog! People were beginning to think you didn't like me.

Thankful Thursday - Cleveland Plain Dealer - August 18, 2005

Bob Golic is so down to earth and makes you feel like you are right there at the stadium. Thanks and keep up the good work." - Solon

Aww...shucks. Thanks Mom.

"Playing nose tackle is like being a fire hydrant at a dog show."

Bob Golic

Golic not your typical Browns broadcaster

Cleveland Plain Dealer - April 18, 2005

While he's a veteran broadcaster, former Browns defensive lineman Bob Golic has never been a football play-by-play voice - which is pretty much why the team has hired him to be one on preseason telecasts this summer.

"The Browns don't want [the preseason telecasts] to be the traditional, average stuff you see," says Golic, who will call the games on Channel 19.

"It'll be a lot more free-flowing and a lot looser," Golic says. "But, believe me, I'll still give the down and distance every play."

Golic will be joined on the telecasts by former Browns stars, including Jim Brown, Brian Sipe and Reggie Rucker.

On first glance, give the Browns credit for trying something different on the preseason telecasts, which can quickly become dreary affairs. But Golic had better back up his promise to take game action seriously, or hardcore Browns fans will complain loud and long.

Golic, part 2: Now a popular afternoon talk host on WNIR FM/100.1 in Akron, Golic's new Browns gig is sweet redemption for him.

In 1999, Golic was the analyst on Channel 3's Browns preseason telecasts. But he was dumped after one season - largely because he was commuting from the West Coast and wasn’t around the team enough to suit Carmen Policy, the Browns former president.

Roger Brown - Cleveland Plain Dealer - April 11, 2005

WNIR FM/100.1 is crowing over early numbers that show a huge rise in overall listenership in recent months - an increase it links to the popularity of afternoon host Bob Golic. The former Browns defensive lineman joined WNIR in January.

Thank you listeners!

Cleveland Plain Dealer - March 17, 2005

Bob Golic, a 1975 state heavyweight champion at St. Joseph High School, had officials sweating at the 16th Greater Cleveland Wrestling Coaches & Officials Association/Plain Dealer East-West All-Star banquet on March 9. As guest speaker, he called Maple Heights coach Jamie Milkovich to tell him he'd definitely be at the banquet, though his duties as a local radio personality might delay his arrival. The banquet started at 6:30 p.m., but officials were wondering who could be an alternate speaker when Golic hadn't arrived an hour later. By 7:50 p.m., he finally arrived, and gave a fine speech about how his high school coach, John Storey, made him into a state champ, and how wrestling helped enable him to succeed as a nose tackle with the Browns.

I was peddling as fast as I could after getting off the air at 7 PM

"If you're mad at your kid, you can either raise him to be a nose tackle or send him out to play on the freeway. It's about the same."

Bob Golic

Roger Brown - Cleveland Plain Dealer - January 3, 2005

Former Browns defensive lineman Bob Golic, who debuts today as an afternoon host on Akron station WNIR FM/100.1, admits to having some nerves: while Golic has hosted a sports talk show in Los Angeles, the WNIR gig is his first as a general-talk personality.

But Golic, a native Clevelander, says he's also feeling relief he won't be limited to just talking sports.

"Sometimes, sports-talk radio is the epitome of beating the same dead horse over and over again, every day," Golic said.

"I won't hide the fact I was an athlete. And I'll talk sports when there's really good stuff going on. But it'll be nice to show there's more to me than just that."

Golic's WNIR show airs 3 p.m. weekdays and noon Saturdays. seems to be working out really well. Thanks!

Roger Brown - Cleveland Plain Dealer - September 13, 2004

Native Clevelander and former Browns defensive lineman Bob Golic will be a guest host tonight at 7 on WNIR FM/100.1, an Akron news and talk station.

Sign here on the dotted line Past area stars share highs, lows and woes of their recruitment

Bob Fortuna - Cleveland Plain Dealer - February 11, 2003

Bob Golic, St. Joseph/Notre Dame

Golic was one of the most sought-after recruits coming out of St. Joseph and ended up visiting Ohio State, Michigan, Purdue, Notre Dame, Virginia and Alabama.

"I really wasn't interested in going to Alabama, but I heard all the girls there had great accents," Golic said. "At all of the schools I visited, players would be your hosts and show you around campus. At Alabama, they had girls show you around.

"And [Alabama] must have really wanted me, because I had two girls showing me around."

Golic eventually narrowed his choices to Notre Dame and Michigan. Golic picked Notre Dame mainly because the Irish's enrollment was 8,000 students, compared with 60,000 at Michigan.

"I remember the morning I signed with Notre Dame," Golic said. "I was running late for school. When I got there, I had to check in at the main office.

"As I made my way down the hall, I could see [Purdue coach] Alex Agase was there waiting. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to say. I didn't get two words out to coach Agase when he extended his hand. We shook hands and he said, 'You will never regret the decision you just made.'

"Now if that isn't a class move, nothing is."

One Man's Favorite Cotton Bowl Memory

December 7, 2001

My favorite memory is at the Cotton Bowl when my wife hit Bob Golic in the face with a tortilla.

He came to the Tech seats and said "What does the Double T stand for? Tor - Tilla?"

She grabbed a tortilla from the ground, said you bet and tossed it. It hit him square in the face, it was priceless.

Does anyone really believe I'd make a smart-aleck statement like that to the fans of Notre Dame's opponent?

"I'm thinking the Raiders are filling out those deportation papers."

Bob Golic, a former NFL player and now a commentator on Fox's "NFL This Morning," after seeing Sebastian Janikowski miss a field goal in overtime against the 49ers on Oct.8, 2000

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